Teh Wants!

Here are some of my wants! It changes from mighty need to just need. Oh, and here's Zim:


Raichu 2012 Pokemon Center Pokedoll

Eevee Sleeping Cushion

Raichu 2010 Pokemon Center Canvas Plush

Vaporeon 2008 Minky Pokedoll

Vaporeon 2007 Velboa USA Pokedoll

Shiny Magikarp PokeCen Plush


Sylveon With You badge

Sylveon Tomy Pose Figure

Sylveon Standing PokeCen Plush

Skitty Pokedoll


Vaporeon "I Love Eevee" Keychain Plush

Vaporeon MPC


Vaporeon Tomy Face Strap

Pokedoll Polvorones Tin

Sylveon Ippai Figure

Vaporeon "I Love Eevee" Banpresto Plush

That's all for now...

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List of items I have:

Vaporeon sitting trick pose plush
Vaporeon standing Pokecen plush
Vaporeon mini pokedoll
Vaporeon chibi kyun chara figure
Eevee chibi kyun chara figure
Raichu hasbro plush
Raichu reversible plush
Raichu pokedoll
Raichu Banpresto pass case
Pikachu little tales plush set (first release)
Pikazard angry plush and mascot plush
Raichu Jakks figure
Raichu petit plush
Substitute plush

Bandai's Clefairy Doll


My most prized possession. There's not a lot of info about this plush on the internet but according to it's tush tag it was released in 1998 by Bandai. I don't know how much this goes for now since I got it for a relatively cheap price from a Japanese seller on eBay. I never knew another Clefairy doll modeled after the one from Gen 1 existed aside from the Banpresto UFO one and I'm so proud to own this little gem of Pokemon memorabilia. If I ever decide to stop collecting and keep a few of my plush for old time's sake, I will definitely keep this plush. She's still soft, vibrant, and adorable after 16 years and she smelled like flowers when I received her (maybe the seller owns a garden?). Whenever I look at this plush, nostalgia floods my mind as I remember the Copycat segment of the Red, Blue, and Yellow games. Only one thing's for sure though, Copycat won't be getting this pokedoll in exchange for Mimic anytime soon =P

Supernatural Season 9 Thoughts

This is just a tiny little review of what's happening so far in SPN, in particular, the episode Holy Terror. Like 99.9% of the fandom, I was shocked and upset when Kevin got killed. Dean's reaction tore my heart in two, it hurts to see him cry! As for Metatron, I liked him in season 8, he seemed really down to earth but boy was I wrong! He's mad I tell ya! I am so glad Cas got his grace back although I will miss human Cas a lot. Poor Sammy, why must he go through so much. Hopefully he's not gone for good! ;_; Until Jan 14th, I will be rewatching some of my favorite episodes but waiting is so damn hard -_-